Looking to Host Your Site in Amsterdam?

Remote work culture is taking over after the coronavirus pandemic broke out. this is a perfect chance for any business to go online. Without this action, your company is not likely to stay afloat, as traditional brick-and-mortar shops are no longer available. What do you need to know, if you’ve never set up a business website before? There are a couple of things to consider, but first, you need to host your site somewhere.

Consider the location where your target audience is located. Are you operating in Europe? Are most of your customers and leads coming from the same area? To successfully launch your online presence and don’t get disappointed afterward, we recommend a VPS hosting Netherlands. Amsterdam is a known IT-hub, and it is logical to find a provider there.

VPS Hosting Is a Win-Win

For most business websites, based on the WordPress template, a Virtual Private Server is the optimal solution. It gives the speed and the productivity you’d want for such kind of site, without overpricing. With this kind of hosting you’ll get:

  • dedicated resources, which you can choose when picking a tariff plan;
  • dedicated IP;
  • full control over the server;
  • security of the operations.

What’s more, you can always upgrade when you need to and set the preferences that exactly match your specific purpose.

Advice On How to Successfully Set Up Your Site

  1. Develop a theme. What will your site be about? What age your perfect customer is? What are the general trends for such products (or services) for this type of audience? Consider all of the above and come up with the general set up. Then, choose colors that work best with it.
  2. Prepare the content. Always have on hand what you’re going to put on your website.
  3. Make sure everything works – all the content shows up correctly, there’re ways to purchase your services or products and to contact you. 

Remember, that if your site lagging, or loading too slowly, you can optimize it, or turn to your hosting provider and extend your plan. With HostZealot it’ll be a breeze – they have the best customer support, and listen to the feedback carefully.

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